Top 10 French Food

For many people, French food only consists of wine and cheese but it is so much more than that. In fact, French cuisine is so highly admired across the world that in 2010 UNESCO added it to its list of intangible cultural heritage. We’ve listed people’s favorite French food to help you go beyond the cheese platter and the glass of Chardonnay - Some of them are available in our shop, oui oui!



Raclette cheese has a rich history that begins in the heart of the Alps, where it was invented as a way to warm up after a long day on the snowy slopes. Nobody will blame you if you’ll decide to get a raclette after a long surf session.

The traditional raclette is served with melted cheese, boiled potatoes, charcuteries, onions and pickles. Mouth watering isn’t it? Luckily for you we have raclette boxes - vegetarian option available - in stock

Raclette cheese


Coq au vin is a classic French stew of chicken parts braised in wine (usually Burgundy), mushroom, bacon, onions and carrot. Add it to your “To do list France” before you forget!

We know many of you won’t be able to wait for the borders to open so we’ve decided to add the dish to our shop very soon!

Coq au vin


One of the team's favorites, the boeuf bourguignon. It comes from the same region as the Coq au vin and shares similarities with it. Made out of braised beef, mushroom, seasoned vegetables and a yummy sauce. Originally a peasant dish, this recipe is now a staple in French restaurants around the world. Also coming soon in our shop for your greatest pleasure!

Boeuf bourguignon


Do we even have to introduce it ? The moon-shaped flaky and buttery pastry has no opponent. Find the best breads and pastries in Paris and let us know what was your favorite place! 

Get a croissant and a chocolate croissant delivered to your door

Patisserie croissant


Salade Niçoise is a typical French salad from the Provence region. It is often eaten as a side dish but can also be a light meal. The salad is a mix of lettuce, boiled eggs, tuna, green beans, tomatoes, olives, and anchovies. Perfect as a picnic summer dish. Also coming soon in our shop.

Salade niçoise


Ratatouille isn’t only a cute cartoon about a rat but is also one of France’s most iconic dishes. A very healthy dish that many French hated as kids and love as adults. Ratatouille is a meatless dish made of zucchini, tomatoes, pepper, onion, and aubergine.



Crèpe originated from Brittany in the West of France and is now well-known across the world. A crêpe is a type of very thin pancake and can be either sweet or savory. Crêpes are served with a variety of fillings from sugar to apple flambée or banana/nutella. You’re having friends over and don’t know what to make ? Sweet crêpe is a great afternoon snack to share with a friend.



Quiche Lorraine is the original form of quiche, from the French region of Lorraine. It is a very easy-to-make open savory pie, filled with cream, milk, egg, and bits of bacon (lardon).

Quiche lorraine


The duck meat is specially prepared using ancient preservation and slow-cooking process (confit). It is typically served with confit roasted potatoes and garlic on the side. Duck confit is considered as one of France's finest dish. Have you ever tried it ?

Confit de canard


This peasant comfort dish originates from southern France and is made of white beans slowly stewed with meat. The dish typically uses pork or duck but can include sausages, goose. It is perfect as a winter dish to share with your family and collect memories by the fireside.