5 reasons to eat Raclette for Valentine's day

A romantic trip to Paris might be off the cards for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel a little Parisian romance into your 2021 life. Here to save the day, The OLALA  Raclette Box. We give you 5 reasons why you should get yours for Valentine's Day!

1. Say Je t’aime with cheese

We all know it, red roses and chocolates are a Valentine's Day must but this year, why not be original and get yourselves a Raclette Box? For many of us, saying Je t’aime with cheese sounds much more powerful than with roses. P.S: Let’s be honest, a Raclette is quite heavy so you might both fall asleep straight after diner.

2. Be different

Isn’t it boring to do the same activity every year and offer the same gifts as everyone else around you? We give you the opportunity to be different from your mates. Offer her/him a C.H.E.E.S.Y Valentine’s date by ordering our Raclette Box.

3. Instagramable pictures

You’re planning on posting tons of stories of your outfit, bf/gf and plates? Make people jealous of your diner with our super Instagrammable gooey cheese! 

Raclette Box
Raclette Box
Raclette Box

4. Autumn is around the corner

It is simple: Prepare your winter bodies in duo. Colder temperatures means less bikini time thus an excuse to stock fat for the winter. The Raclette Box is here to help you resist the HARSH cold winter of Sydney.

5. Cheaper than a restaurant

Your banker isn’t happy with you lately? No worries! We provide you with a high-quality French date for cheaper than a date at the restaurant! Our Raclette Box directly comes to you from Loluk Bistro - Surry Hills. Avoid the cost of transportation/parking and enjoy our yummy box in the comfort of your own home (vegetarian option available).